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CONTACT US NOW 1-847-352-5249

Resources for Plastic Injection
Mold Makers and Engineers

complex mold polishing欧美大胆人体艺术Quality polishing is critical to the success of your mold's operation. Mold polishing helps your mold function better and make better looking parts.

We want to help ensure your success while keeping your investment in time and money to a minimum. Here are some resources that can help you better prepare for your mold or tool's polishing in advance.

欧美大胆人体艺术Click on any of the headings below for additional details that can help you finish faster and get your parts to market faster.

Scheduling Advice
Help to ensure your job is done right and on time.

Polisher Instructions
Tips to prepare you prepare your polisher for the job's requirements.

Milling Finish Video
Get the surface finish you want in less time with this video and math formulae.

Finish Spec Comparison
Finish may be specified in different ways. Easily convert from one to another here.

Charmilles EDM Finish Specs
欧美大胆人体艺术Learn how Charmilles finishes compare to other specifications here.